Friday, February 26, 2010

Blogging and Booking …and Booking

I’m thinking that it is not possible to write a blog and a book at the same time - particularly while also proofreading someone else’s work and trying to make travel plans.

One of the most difficult aspects of a traveling lifestyle is deciding where to go next. Number two is booking the travel and accommodations, though rarely in that order.

Because we take advantage of space that is available when academics are on  sabbatical, we are at the mercy of university budgets, grant approvals, travel costs and all sorts of things that aren’t even about us - well, until we try to book the house on offer.  Fortunately we never book the actual travel until the housing arrangements are firmed up.  Well, usually we don’t.  We booked flights back to the States this morning with nowhere to stay.  Do not be surprised if you receive a phone call asking that you make up the quest room.

I say it is fortunate that we generally don’t book the travel until we have secured a bed because all of our plans for the summer have fallen through in the past three days and I would hate to be stuck with the train, plane and ferry fares.  No house in Greece, Italy, Spain or Ireland. Nada. Zilch.  At least not in our price range or on our schedule.

I am disappointed because as I have written before, the most expensive part of travel is the travel.  Because we are already in Europe I wanted to stay as long as possible but that is not to be.  We will be flying from Edinburgh to Amsterdam to New York to Charlotte on June 15.

The good side of this plan is that I will see my Mom and Tavish and get my wonderful Madison back.  I am very excited about all of that.

There are two, or maybe three, downsides. 

David thinks this is a good plan because he is very worried about my health.  Hmmm, he must be reading my blog - or perhaps experiencing things first hand.  Poor thing.   Having health that needs to be worried about by anyone is not a good thing, I am concerned that he is concerned..  Others often notice things before we do ourselves, particularly negative things that we would prefer to deny.  He thinks I need to reassess my stamina, my meds and my expectations. The stamina and meds I’m OK with but don’t mess with my reality - whether real or not.

I am afraid that once we get off the traveling train we won’t get back on.  There are always excuses to be made for not traveling.  I am going to have to fight hard to keep them from getting in the way. So I need to start making a plan for the next phase now and let the docs know that it is non-negotiable and their job is to get me fit to play.  Athletes do that all the time, right?  Just tape me up and put me in coach. (“Put me in coach, I’m ready to play, today.” Sing along.  It is almost time for BASEBALL!!! And my annual sing-along showing of Bull Durham.  It‘s a religious thing and red toenails are required)

But I DEFINITELY ramble….

So I am booking and planning travel, proofing the galleys for David’s book and trying to write one of my own - while attempting to separate some thoughts for this blog as well.  Too much at once - particularly for my  addled brain.  One thing I know I need is a schedule - - and sleep.  I guess that is two things.  Lack of sleep can impair counting.

When the weather warms up there will be more travel stories and less about me, me, me.  Until then, if I go away for awhile just know I am working on other things and I’ll definitely be back.  Eventually.

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  1. Selfishly...I'd love to have you back in the States. If it helps, I promise to start shunning you in 3 months so that you're inclined to leave again.