Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bacon is calorie free, right?

If, like me, you grew up in the South, you know that bacon is a seasoning and therefore has no calories.  If you feel that you must, you can remove the pancetta/parma/prosciutto and set it aside from your portion after the fish is cooked.  But I dare you to try leave it there and not tuck in.

Stuffed Roasted Salmon Wrapped in Bacon

2 large filets of salmon, skinned and pin bones removed (If you know how to filet and skin a fish it is best to do it yourself and use halves of the same fish)
8 oz prosciutto, thinly sliced (pancetta or parma ham will work as well)
6 cloves garlic roasted in their skins and then skin removed
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and coarse ground black pepper
8 oz fresh or jarred pesto (drain off a bit of the oil before stirring into some chopped fresh tarragon and flat-leaf parsley to taste)
Jarred roasted red peppers, sliced into julienne strips (one of those things that just aren't worth doing yourself unless you have grown your own peppers)

Pre-heat the oven to 375 F
Cut or tear a large square of plastic and cover with overlapping pieces of  prosciutto (this needs to be wide enough to wrap around the salmon filets)
Place one piece of salmon, skin-side down, in the centre of the prosciutto and cover the top with the pesto mixture being sure to  keep it off the sides and the prosciutto.
Lay a line of peppers and the garlic cloves along the filet over the pesto and then lay the other fillet skin-side up on top of it.
Using the plastic wrap, wrap the fish in the prosciutto, by lifting one side and then the other and overlapping it on top and peeling the film away as the prosciutto clings to the fish and itself.  You should have a fish completely wrapped in prosciutto sitting on an open square of plastic wrap.
Gently lift the fish using the wrap and roll it into a roasting pan so that the seam of prociutto is down
Dribble with olive oil and roast for 25-35 minutes. The fish should feel firm to the touch. Allow to cool.
Cut into large slices and serve with a leafy salad.

Let me know if you can actually avoid eating the bacon.  I think it is impossible.

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  1. I didn't know bacon was a seasoning. Clearly I need a few more lessons in Southern Belle living. In the meantime, I am the only Jew on the face of the entire universe who doesn't like salmon (in any form) but I think this might work well with chicken too. And I'd add some goat cheese. Because much like bacon, goat cheese makes everything better.