Wednesday, January 20, 2010

25 of 100 things and Mince and Tatties

My first 25 things

Last summer after reading the 100 thing challenge at I began my ongoing effort to get my belongings down to 100. This is made easier of course because I do not have to count the furnishings and household items where we live because they are not mine. Even Dave took this into account and only counted things that were HIS is excsee of the family house and all it included.

On my list you will immediately notice that all items with accessories indicate that they are included in the item count. If it won't work without it then it all counts as one. Likewise things like Jewelry, Makeup and such that do not end in "s" I have counted as one thing. Hey, it's my list. There are even some things that end in "s" that just don't make sense to count individually, like travel toiletries. If it all fits in one 1 quart bag then I count it as one 1 quart bag.

This is the first 25 things on my list. From here it starts to get complicated.

1. Kindle and accessories
2. Netbook and accessories including thumb drive and external hard drive
3 Jewelry - that will fit in one 6”x10”x 2 “ plastic tackle box
4. Makeup and brushes - that will fit into one zippered cosmetic case
5. Journal/Notebook, mechanical pencil & leads (purple or black Pentel P207 0.7 or .0.9mm lead); Fountain pen (medium nib) and purple ink ( pen is no good with out paper and vice versa)
6. Wallet - - Leather pouch style with zippered compartments and card insert;ouside pocket for ID and change/tokens
7. Stationery - Monogrammed correspondence cards and envelopes; personal cards
8. Sunglasses w/ bi-focals
9. Ipod and accessories
10. Digital Camera - with accessories and small carrying case.
11. Reading Light /Flashlight/Headlamp - one of these that does all three functions
12. Rechargeable batteries and charger
13. International converter/adapter
14. Batter powered toothbrush with attachments
15. Razor - rechargeable electric preferrred
16. Large check-in size rolling suitcase or duffle
17. Leather or micro fiber Travel/Work Bag/Handbag- to carry netbook, iPod, Kindle, camera and other carry-on items when traveling, use as a tote bag/handbag weekender - not too heavy. With small purse inside for evening or to carry-on travel items
18. Toilet articles - toothpaste, face wash., moisturizer, shampoo, hairspray,lip balm, etc in small sizes to fit in 1 quart clear zipper bag
19. Folding shopping bag
20. Corkscrew
21. Water Bottle
22. Warm hat (winter) Sun hat (summer/warm climates) - foldable
23. Leather gloves
24. Eyeglasses
25. Waterproof overcoat with zip-in warm lining and detachable hood

Now, for your cooking and eating pleasure:

Traditional Scottish Mince and Tatties

2 rashers of smoked bacon, diced (or 1 Tbsp olive oil)
One large onion, chopped
1 lb of high quality ground beef (or Boca crumbles)
½ c oatmeal moistened with a few spoons of water
1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce (omit and double brown sauce for veg version)
1 Tbsp brown sauce (HP is traditional but A-1 will work)
1 Tbsp ketchup
1 tsp each thyme and rosemary
Salt and pepper

For the mash:
4 large potatoes, unpeeled and diced
Cream or milk
6 carrots, peeled and chopped

½ cup of brown gravy (make your own or purchase)
- Serve vegetarian or onion gray with the Boca

Extra brown sauce to serve

In a large skillet, sauté bacon until fat is released; add onion and cook just until it starts to get tender; add beef and oatmeal and cook until beef begins to brown ;add sauces and herbs and cook until liquid is absorbed; salt and pepper to taste

Boil potatoes and carrots separately until tender. Mash potatoes coarsely and add milk salt and pepper until desired consistency; enrich with butter

Mash carrots and whip until smooth: stir in butter and salt and pepper

Traditional Mince is served with tatties and neeps (mashed turnips - delicious!) I prefer carrots because it adds color to the plate.

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  1. We are such a possession-oriented culture and I am as guilty of it as the next girl. Given my current personal situation, I am absolutely trying to pare down on some things (hello 3 mortgages in my name - yikes!) but at the same time I don't know if at this stage I could get down to 100. But certainly something to think about. PS Glad to hear you got a Kindle...